About the Trust

Umbilical Chord

          We embellish our names with the name of the place our family hails from (viz, Ketandapatti, Lakshmipuram, Kakkadasam, Pandapalli etc) and also with titles earned by our family (viz nallan, chakravarthy etc). Generations roll and many continue with these decorations and hardly would discontinue. This signifies our emotional attachment to these aspects and yet we have no time to ponder over how we inherited them. This was the experience of some of us who are in the evening of our life.  Hence efforts were made to gather knowledge to know where these places are located and how we inherited some of the decorations.  It is said that even wars start in the minds of men. Curiosity to know these aspects started agitating our minds and resulted in an organized set up titled Nallan Chakravarthy Trust. It helped some of us to plan activities in this regard. It may sound strange but true that some us have visited our place of origin for the first time in our life time. It may be relevant to cite the case of a family from Africa settled in Hubli/ Darwada for over 500years. While they have aligned themselves to the customs/habits of the adapted place, some of them are keen to visit the country of their origin at least once in their life time. Such is the emotional bond that every individual experiences at some stage or the other.   Younger generations should not have this problem, since the trust has documented the origin and development of the family and has established links with the places of origin.

Contact with Extended Family

           While high economic activity has parked our present generation in to slots of fabulous earnings to realize dreams of materialistic nature, it has crippled them in allocation of time and space even to their own nuclear family and not to speak of distant relatives and friends from the illustrious extended family. There was a time that even with lot of limitations on transport facility, elders used to move out from locality (Malleswaram) to locality (Basavanagudi), from one town to another by utilizing the most sluggish mode of transport or help themselves by walking the distance. They used to derive immense satisfaction in meeting their kith and kin and exchange pleasantries. They were not formal and did not have to fix up a prior appointment. It has now become unthinkable because we have become very formal, no time to spare, and the transport facility is no different, since traffic moves in inches/hour even with latest of transport models. The trust aims to bridge the gap by arranging social, religious, and cultural programmes on holidays at nearest places to provide the luxury of sharing member?s progress/well-being /joy with distant relatives and friends. Some of our programmes were well attended by our members.

Responsibility towards less privileged

           Have we not come a long way from the time our ancestors who lived at remotest of places with their own problems, privations, suffering to make a decent living? This would become evident when we visit some of these places which still remain the same in terms of schooling, infrastructure, and connectivity even after glowing economic activities. One would instantly admire the wisdom of our ancestors who opted to move out to more habitable places in the interest of their progeny. Are we not the beneficiaries of their vision? Should it not occur to us that at least we owe some thing to these places of our origin? May be individually we are not in a position to change the canvas or landscape of these places. Yet if we concern ourselves to better the upcoming generation, we would have done some thing to the less privileged. Even after providing for our nuclear families, we deeply worry how and where to park our excess funds like mutual funds, real estate, banks etc. Do we worry where to park our concern for less privileged in our extended family and for people from our places of origin? It is true that many believe that they would like to do their best but are not aware of an organized set up with good deliverables. The trust is aiming to make a difference at their places of origin.

Trust?s modest break through

                The Nallan Chakravarthy Trust which came in to existence in the year 2003-04 has addressed the above issues in a modest way. Providing drinking water facility in a school, encouraging merited students, adapting student/s for higher education, distribution of note books, coaching classes, preventing drop out of girl students, provision of fans at a school have given immense satisfaction to some us. We should be honest to say that sense of fulfillment derived was unique in our 4-5 decades of service life. Looking after our nuclear family and proving for education, security, wellbeing etc was a responsibility. But efforts to better the conditions in our place of origin and amongst extended families in a modest way were a fulfillment beyond description.


        How about your participation after scanning the web site to realize the following objectives?

                i) To establish contact with educational institutions of our places of origin and assist the upcoming generation to aim high in life by providing books, computers, and other where-withal to help them to concentrate on academics. By creation of facilities like coaching, exposure to latest techniques and to the learned, etc.  To develop these areas with the help of local authorities.

               ii) To establish rapport with people hailing from our places of origin and arrange socio-, religious, and cultural programmes. Identify the less privileged and extend a helping hand. To promote heritage centers with assistance from local authorities.

              iii)  To build institutions, centers of excellence, and other set-ups which should be models. To compile and recognise the significant contributions of our family members in science, politics, education, administration, medicine, engineering, art and music, and social and religious activities to honour them.

             iv)  To encourage and help deserving individuals.   

As a wise person once said:

  • Coming together is a beginning

  • Working together is excitement

  • Achieving together is enlightenment