Ideal Representative of Hindu Society

(Modern Period)


Born in a cultured religious family, he was very bright, intelligent, vedic philosopher, logic strengthened, honest, good character man, anxious toward welfare of people.  Even in his thoughts and speech, his behaviour resembled Socrates. His talent resembled to that of Shankaracharya. He was an important elderly student of Gandhiji, one of the persons in the freedom struggle, symbol of simple life style highly thoughtful, Sacrificial, Uncompromising patriotic person and a man without fears.


He was a patriot, Social reformer, wished new improvements in culture and himself was a culture man, being a strong and a capable peace arguer he opposed manufacturing and usage of atomic weapons. He loved peace.  He worked very hard for the growth of Indian industries and to reform educational activities. He was a member of New Independent Party, used to describe difficult and very hard subjects fascinatingly and beautifully, was fluent in English Tamil languages, was an author, successful lawyer, was a President of Salem Muncipal Town, chief minister of Tamilnadu, Governor of Bengal, was the last Governor General of India, this Truthful and kindhearted man has written great novels, he was recognized as a capable Administrator, he won awards and is the worlds greatest Indian citizen.



(1878 1972)




Thorapalli, 10 km from Hosur in Krishnagiri district is a small village but has great importance in the indian history. It is the birthplace of India's first and last Governor General C. RajaGoplachari.

Rajaji was born and brought up here in this village. The house where he lived is still there and is mainatained by the Govt of TamilNadu.The house has been turned into a memorial.A bust of the leader has been installed. The memorial houses a library and a gallery of pictures, capturing interesting moments in Rajaji's life.
There is also a temple besides the memorial. The village is situated on the banks of river South Pinakini(Palar).


It can be reached from the town of hosur.Take NH-7 towards krishnagiri from hosur, till you reach perandapalli. Turn right here, you will find a big welcome arch with letters in Tamil, welcoming you to the birthplace of Rajaji. It is 3 kms from here.





View of River Dakshina Pinakini from the village



                                                            Rajaji with Kakkadasam family

Sitting: Mrs Srirangachar (first left), (left to Rajaji) Daughter, Right to Rajaji Srirangachar' mother, last left K.Srirangachar, Left of Sri K. Srirangachar is Sri K.S.Ramaswamy, Managing trustee, Nallan chakravarthy Trust. K. Srirangachar is one of the sons of Kakkadasam Srinivasa Chakravarthy.

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