Earlier narration brings out that Nallan Chakravarthy group had a distinct and distinguished past. Whoever hails from this tree are the blessed ones. This is evident if we see the overall progress of the present generation in terms of education, recognition, creativity and contributions in all walks of life. It is a fact that the group has a great potential to do greater good to the public in large. It is perhaps time to visualize and implement some of the following to live up to the glorious past :-

i ) Build excellent Educational institutions.

ii ) Promote talent and establish productive centers in latest fields.

iii) Establish training institutions to prepare youngsters in latest medical, engineering, and allied fields.

iv) Tie up with ace spiritual institutions, temples, cultural centers.

v) To provide opportunities to Nallan group to establish contact with their heritage centers, while promoting the centers as well.

vi) To facilitate members to realize their full potential.

It will be possible to realize the above and much more if we have an organized set up with dedicated personnel with zeal, commitment, vision, and leadership qualities. While we dream to grow with time, the trust has achieved moderate success in many areas described under contributions of the trust up to the year 2007. Your suggestions and help are welcome.

Modest Contributions of the Trust

(up to the end of year 2006)

For Students:

1) Providing note books to the students of all classes of High school at Kakkadasam.

2) Pratibha Puraskar of bright students, Sports encouragement awards to students of all classes.

3) Satsang by Sri Sri Ravishankar Art of living group at Kakkadasam high school.

4)Drinking water facility with overhead tank and connection to bore well at Kakkadasam high school.

5) Toilet facility to lady students at Kakkadasam high school.

6) Installation of fans at a school at Halekote. Similar help being extended to a school at Torapally.

For Members:

1) Seminar on Sri Vyshnava Vedantam and contributions of Nallan Chakravartys.

2) Holy Presence of Sri Sri Adyatmica Ranga Priya Maha Desikar, blessings to the members,

3) Sudarshana homa at holy premises of Krishna Temple.

4) Vanshavali chart of Kakkadasam family.

For under privileged:

1) Financial assistance to Kumari Radhika d/o of late Narasimha Babu,  mentally retarded, towards purchase of medicines.

2) School fee to chi Karthik d/o Praveen Kumar.

3) Medical assistance to Smt Bhagyalakshmi, physically handicapped.

4) Financial assistance towards education fee at NIIT to Kumari Ramya.

For Public:

i ) Installation of Traffic signal light for pedestrians at Sheshadripuram circle.

ii)  Bangalore has over 250 miles of storm water drain across different localities leading to the nearby valleys. In addition to maintaining well, these routes could be utilized for dedicated transport system. This suggestion has been made by one of our members, Smt Rohini .S Chakravarthy, residing in USA. This suggestion has been accepted by BBMP and budgetary provision has been made.

Modest Contributions of the Trust

(During the year 2007-08)

For Students

1) Providing note books to the students of all classes of primary school, Taralu village, Bangalore South Taluk.

2)  Providing note books to students of government primary school at Kakkadasam village.

3)  Pratibha Puraskar to high school at kakkadasam village

For underprivileged

1) Financial assistance to Kumari Nagashree and Nagarjun towards educational fee.

2) Financial assistance to M/S Matrhu Shree Manovikas Kendra, institution for mentally challenged children.

3) In collaboration with 'Project Drishti' a charitable eye hospital, the trust can sponsor two poor and needy people for conducting free cataract operations every year for lifetime. Our motto is "Every Person has a Right to See". Members are requested to refer such cases to the trust.

For Members

In collaboration with M/S Heddari Engineers, Bangalore, the trust  has been instrumental in facilitating members to acquire sites at up-coming  tier II city, Mysore



Sudarshana homam at the Venugopalaswamy temple, Malleshwaram.


Inauguration of the Ladies Toilet at Kakadasam School


Inauguration of Waterworks


Pratibha Puraskar