Vamshavali of Moolapurushas

Courtesy: Shree Tirumala NallanChakravarthy Vaibhavam Book

Published by Shree Ramavilaasa Press, Madras - 1904


Kakkadasam Nallan Chakravarthy Vamshavali

The above vamshavali is in respect of Nallan Chakravarthys' originating from Kakkadasam. Similarly, if data is available, Vamshavali
for other Nallan Chakravarthys' originating from other places mentioned above will be included.


The name Srimushnam would sound familiar to many as we have often heard our elders say that the ‘ KOOTASTHA’ (Originator) of our family, Sri Varadachar (1730 AD-1790 AD) belonged to this place.

Srimushnam is a small panchayat town in Cuddalore district of Tamilnadu, with a population of about 12000. It is about 20 kms from the town of Vriddachalam and from Chidambaram it is about 40 kms. It can be reached from Salem as well. It is not only well connected but also has facilities to stay. It is very significant that according to latest census, male literacy is 71% and female literacy is 61%, much above national average of 59%. It is about 127 feet from sea level.

Srimushhnam is a swayamvyaktha or swayambhu kshetra of lord Vishnu, one among the only eight such shrivaishnava holy places. The other seven swayambhu kshetras are Srirangam, Thirumalai, Kanchipuram, Naimisharanya, Pushkara, Vanamali(Thothadri) and Badrikashrama. It is said that Brahma did penance here and Goddess Saraswathi herself sang extolling the greatness of the place.

The Hoysala kings who ruled parts of south India built a temple at this legendary place. The front mandapam is in the shape of a chariot with elegant carved figures of warriors riding horses and elephants.

Shri Bhoovarahaswamy is the presiding deity of the Srimushnam temple and his divine consort is Ambujavalli Nachhiyar. Legend has it that Lord Vishnu answering the prayers of his devotees assumed the form of a boar and vanquished the demon Hiranyaksha at this locale.

The utsavar is renowned by the name Yagnavaraha swamy. The main deity is not a sculpted idol but an udbhavamurthy of saligrama shilai. It is said that lord vishnu resides in this particular place in three forms. One in the form of tree outside the temple, as the banks of the sacred tank (nithya pushkarni) and in the form of Bhoovaraha Swamy.

Legend also has it, that a muslim chieftain was restored to good health and also was blessed with progeny on offering prayers to Bhuvarhar. The faith is maintained and to this day the temple has a significant Muslim following. They participate in a big way during Masi Maham a major temple festival in March each year.

Kootasthar Varadacharya

Our Kootasthar, Srimushnam Varadacharya had two sons by name Venkatacharya and Rangacharya. Venkatacharya had three sons : Srinivasacharya, Thimmaraya chakravarthy and Ramanujacharya. Rangacharya had one son by name Srinivasacharya.

With passage of time, members of the growing family moved out from the ancestral Srimushnam and settled in places around Salem. Children of Srinivasacharya Venkatacharya settled mainly in Pannapalli, Marandapalli, Lakshmipuram and Bagaloor villages. Thimmaiah Chakravarthy’s children settled in Rattapalii, Kuthadakuppam,Chandinottam, Bengalooreu,and Mungapattu. Anchatti, Kakkadasam , and Kudlur-Gulyam were the places chosen by the family of Ramanujacharya. Srinivasacharya Rangacharya’s children found their home and hearth in the two villages: Kethandapatti, and Gunagur. Srimushnam is about 200-250 km from these villages. Table helps the descendents to know about the location of these villagess from Hosur.

Ancestor’s name
Distance from
Hosur in Kms
Sri Venkatacharya
Andhra Pradesh
Sri Sanji Nallacharya
Bagalore Krishnagiri
Sri Rayaracharya
Sri Vijaya Raghavacharya
Pannapalli N/K N/K
Sri Venkatacharya
Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
Sri Srinivasacharya
Kuppam Andhra Pradesh
Sri Alapuracharya
Krishnagiri Tamilnadu
Sri Srirangacharya
Krishnagiri Tamilnadu
Sri Varadacharya
Krishnagiri Tamilnadu
Sri Varadcharya
Gulyam, Kudlur
Krishnagiri Tamilnadu
Sri Srinvasacharya
Krishnagiri Tamilnadu
Sri Thimmaraya Chakravarthy
Krishnagiri Tamilnadu
Sri Venkatacharya
Kuppam Andhra Pradesh
Sri Muppala charya
Kuppam Andhra Pradesh


And subsequent generations of course have gone far and wide, within and outside the country. The nallan chakravrthy trust is eager to trace the migration pattern of the family and places they settled. It will gratefully receive inputs from those who are privileged to have more information.

It is hoped that this post on our website will inspire everyone of chakravarthys wherever they are today, to visit Srimushanam at least once in their life time to offer prayers to Shree Bhoovarahar and pay obeisance to Sri Vardacharya our common forefather. This may also trigger a desire to visit places of origin of the present generation.


Lakshmipuram is a tiny village located near Kuppam railway station on Bangalore ?Chennai route. This place comes under Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh State. The village has a rich and glorious history. It is of significance to Nallan Chakravarthy families as the place was enriched and sanctified by? their ancestors.?

Nearly a thousand years ago, Sri Srinivascharya(1140-1240AD) from the? Nallan Chakravarthy family, moved to Pangum, near present day Lakshmipuram , from a place by name Venkatadri. He was an ardent follower of Sri Ramanujar.? The local king Bheemanayaka happened to be a student of Srinivasacharya and? also an admirer of Ramanujacharya.? King Bheemanayaka ruled this place and was a student of Sri Srinivasacharya and a follower of Sri Ramanuja.? He was? very pleased that his teacher and a learned scholar? had chosen to settle down in his kingdom and carry on his spiritual pursuits. He got his panchsamskara done by his acharya and built a tiny village later named as laksmipuram near his capitol as per the desire of his mentor. The king also built a temple of Lord Lakshminarayana and temple pushkarani as per the desire of his Guru.

In course of time, the original laksminarayana idol is said to have? been abondoned in the pushkarini as it seemed to have suffered damages and disfigurement. There is an interesting story of? how the idol of Sri Varadarajaswamy, the presnt presiding diety came to be installed and consecrated. Lord Varadaraja appeared in a dream of one Laksminarayanachar., a Lakshmipuram resident.The lord told him to look for his idol in a dilapidated mandapam? near the present day? Gudipally? railway station (some seven miles from the town) and to arrange as replacement for the? Lakshminarayana idol of the original temple. Accordingly, Lakshminarayachar? went in search and did find? the magnificent idol of Swami Varadaraja amidst the rubble in the shilamandapam. and did as ordained by the Lord in his dream. The six feet tall idol of the Swamy? has fascinated and thrilled devotees ever since at Lakshmipuram. Chakravarty Bhashyakar swamy is notable among those who worked hard for the growth and popularity of the temple. Other philanthrophic grihasthas such as? Sri Doreswamy Iyengar of Cuddalore and Bangalore, Sri LS Raju , Sri Midde Gopalswamy have done yeoman service for the temple and to provide basic amenities for devotees visitng the temple. Sanctity of a place can also be judged by the fact whether it was a home for the intellectually and spiritually worthy.? Lakshmipuram kshetram has such evidence in abundance. Many learned and pious men like the spiritual stalwart Sriman Ranga Ramanuja swamy popularly known as Kethandapatti Swamy, his disciple Sriman Varadha Ramanuja swamy known as Sri Denkanikota swamy have blessed this place. His holiness Sriman Vedantha Ramanuja Swamy known as Kodalai Swamy, lived and glorified the place and a Brindavan has been built? to commemorate him. Sriman Kozhilam swamy and Sriman Thilasthanam Swamy have performed Mangala Sasanam in the temple. A great bhakta, Sriman Ammali Venkatachar Swamy had the rare privilege of witnessing the annual Rathostavam in succession for over sixty years.

Chakravarthy Sri Rajgoplachari (Rajaji) had great attachment to this place. Men of distinction from this village are many and some of them are, Sri Lakshmipuram Srinivasachariar who adorned the court of Maharaja of Mysore, Professor K.Rangachar.? a renowned botanist, and Sri MS Thirumalchar , an eminent engineer.

Lakshmipuram Temple conducts its Brahmotsavam annually and the event has been a great attraction. It is of importance to note that all activities are planned meticulously by people of dedication and initiative for this event year after year, People who hail from this tiny village and lot of others who have been blessed by this temple never miss the occasion, irrespective of their commitments or location which speaks volumes for the sanctity of the place. It is rightly believed that a Nallan Chakravarthy who fails to associate with this kshetram to some extent or the other, would have lost a rare opportunity of a? life time. We urge those who want to learn more to visit You can also look up some pictures at