Poem by Ananya Chakravarthy, daughter of Anil Chakravarthy (Nallan member)


Intro to Ananya: Ananya Chakravarthy is a 6th-grade student at Redwood Middle School in Saratoga, California. She loves to read, swim, and of course write the occasional poem!

Background of poem: Ananya shares a bedroom with her younger sister, Apurva. The room is almost always not in an acceptable state of cleanliness. Rather than cleaning up her room, Ananya decided to compose this poem on the occasion of Halloween, an American festival occurring on October 31 which invokes the spirit of ghosts, witches, ghouls, teenagers, and other scary demons.



My room

Witches concocting a stinky stew,
Goblins trying to eat you.

Ogres trying to bash you to death,
with the help of their mother Beth.

Beth is the mother of all things scary,
gumdrops, dolphins and of course, Larry.

All these monsters were brought by Larry (who is ice)
Who thought they would make my room look nice.

A broom trying to use a loom but in vain,
for instead of clothing, out comes grain.

Why? Donít ask me why!
I would rather eat a fly.

Than try to explain this catastrophe,
To my mother dearest, now very angry.

Well, you should go now, or my mother will get suspicious.
You know, when she wants to, she can be quite vicious.

Iím telling you, you must go!
I donít want to get into a fight with my foe!

You like this dump! Are you kidding me!
I guess not, from what I see.

Well, no matter what you think is right,
My room is never a pretty sight.



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