Samuhika Vishnu Sahasranama Chanting at Tulasivanam

We are happy to bring to you a report and a few pictures of the mass chanting of Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam program that was organized by the Nallan Chakravarthy Trust at the Tulasi Thotam temple on February 14, 2009.

Tulasi thotam precicnts


It will be in order to recall here that in addition to being a historic location in the heart of Bangalore, Tulasi Thotam has a special significance for the chakravarthy community in Bangalore.


Atleast two generations of our elders and also some of our current member trustees in their childhood, have had the privilege to live in its hallowed precincts. We are bringing you elsewhere on this site some of their reminiscences and a brief history of the temple.


Reverting to the Sahasranamam program proper, an auspicious and soulful nadaswaram recital Sri Murali and Sri. Rajagopal, asthana vidwans at Srirangapattana Ranganathar temple and their fellow artists, set the atmosphere and tone for the day's program.

Vidwan Murali and party's Nadaswaram


Our members had the good fortune to have the presence and be lead in the chanting by Sri. Tiru, the saintly scholar from Melkote, Director and Advisor in Vedantic knowledge to ISKCON Bangalore.

Sri Rangachar and Sri Thiru

Sri Rangachar and Sri Thiru


The actual chanting was preceded by a lecture by Shri. M A Rangachar who spoke about the significance of Sri Vishnusahasranamam, and the setting in which it was recited by Bhishma at the request of Dharmaraja. Shri. Rangachar highlighted 'that chanting, specially in unison in a group, has a healthy strengthening effect on the mind; it develops concentration, patience and determination. There is something about the collective mind that develops as a result of chanting as a group that is very special and quite palpable'

Vishnu Sahasranam recitation team

  As you will see from the pictures, the program was well attended and left an indelible impression in the large audience gathered on the occasion.



The occasion was also utilized to felicitate Shri. K Prashanth, son of shri. K S Krishnakumar who was awarded a Doctorate by the Bangalore University.

Dr Prashant's Felicitation


The services and dedication of Shri. Santhosh who develops and maintains the Nallan Chakravarthy Trust website on purely honorary basis was acknowledged and thankfulness expressed on behalf of the trust. We trust it will spur them to further achievements and inspire others with the potential.

Sri Santhosh's Felicitation